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Ryan Greer
Brad Lockhart
H_2 Clappa

Being the leader and the frontman for the band, Ryan has written most of the songs, and a lot of the riffs. He likes to spend his spare time skateboarding, playng guitar, drinking mountain dew, and playing with GI-Joes. As you can probably tell he is not a very interesting guy, in fact, he's kind of a geek, but hey aren't we all? His main musical influences are Thee Pirates, MxPx, the Sex Pistols, and the Clash. The main passions dominating his life include rocking out with the sad, collecting belt buckles (he has a pretty mean collection), hanging out with the love of his love (an amazing blue eyed, short haired Christian rocker), and giving praise and thanks to God for all of the awesome work he's done in Ryan's life (click here to read his testimony.)

The story of Brad began in 1985 in a small house in Poway, California. Luck brought him at the small age of 2 to Deming, WA, where he has lived ever since. He started listening to punk in the 7th grade. Sublime, MxPx, and Blink182 were his favorite bands. Once he started getting into the music he realized that he liked the really passionate punk of Operation Ivy, Stiff Little Fingers, and Black Flag. Among other things Brad loves reggae, classical, and ska. He also loves to skate, paint, draw, act (Shakespeare), football, and make videos. He's a Christian, loves God, and has for as long as he can remember. Brad would like to leave you with this bit of advice, "These violent delights have violent ends, and in their triumph die like fire and powder; which as they kiss, consume." Sorry ladies, he's currently dating the cutest little Juliet in the world.

I have been listening to punk and skating my butt off for the last three years of my young life. I love listening to my many MxPx, Sex Pistols, Squad Fivo-O, and Rancid CDs. I am a true soldier of God and I would like to learn more. If I had my way, I would just skate and play my bass all day but unfortunately I'm still just a suz-loser in high school who is desperately in need of a girlfriend, anbody interested, call me baby. Peace out.

Luke loves God, his girlfriend, and life. And seizes his day one moment at a time.

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